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The Om Reiki Centre isn't currently offering healing sessions in Bacchus Marsh, but we do offer them both during the week and on weekends in Daylesford.

Upcoming July 4-5 Daylesford Reiki Courses

A leisurely drive down the road from Bacchus Marsh, our award-winning Reiki courses will help you connect to more of your innate healing powers, and teach you to heal both yourself and others in a single weekend.

click here To find out all the info about our June 4-5 upcoming level 1 Reiki course.

We guarantee you'll love what you learn.

Or if you would like to find out how our healing sessions can help you:

Then please visit our Reiki healing page.

We also offer Reiki courses in Melbourne (in Fitzroy North), which is easy to get to from Bacchus Marsh either by public trasport or car (and there is free all-day parking opposite the venue).

Reiki is quick to learn - it takes a single weekend - and you don't need any previous meditation or 'spiritual' experience.

By the end of our course, we guarantee you will be able to connect strongly to Reiki energy.

For more information about our course, please visit our Reiki courses homepage.

Or call Jeremy on 0417 328 457.

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Daylesford Reiki Retreat

This is retreat is for all Reiki practitioners who wish to rejuvenate, heal, learn new skills and make lifelong friends. Daylesford, June 13-14. (2020).

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