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Om Reiki Code of Ethics

Members of Om Reiki agree to adopt, follow and support the following Code of Ethics. They will:

Respect all individuals, regardless of personal wealth, race, religion, belief, sexuality, disability, age or national origin.

Act fairly, honestly and in good faith towards all people.

Do their best to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of clients and students.

Be honest about what clients can expect from Reiki.

Explain that healers (unless otherwise qualified) are not doctors and, as a result, cannot give any medical advice.

Refer all clients to a suitably qualified doctor as soon as their health situation exceeds the capability, training and competence of the healer.

Refrain from countermanding any medical advice or prescriptions given by a medical doctor.

Never guarantee a particular result or cure for any treatment.

Never disclose any information relating to a client unless consent has been given (or it is demanded by law).

Never ask clients to remove any clothing except overcoat and footwear.

Ensure that as healers they are always medically, physically and psychologically fit to practise.

Ensure that working conditions are suitable for the practice/teaching of Reiki.

Promote the friendly cooperation between all Reiki practitioners and teachers without ever slandering, criticizing or otherwise denigrating them.

Refrain from criticizing other medical practices, including traditional Western medicine.

Assist students and colleagues in developing their Reiki.

Respect the right of others to form their own values and beliefs.

Never pass judgement on a client’s condition.

Take personal responsibility for one's situation in life.

Promptly and happily refund the full price of all healing/energy work, should a client not be happy with the treatment received. (On the condition that they make such a request between 3 and 14 days from the time of the treatment.)

The Om Reiki Centre wish to acknowledge and thank the following influences in creating this code of ethics:

The Australian Reiki Connection, The Reiki Alliance, Reiki Australia, The UK Reiki Alliance, The International Center for Reiki Training.

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