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Most students find Reiki easy to practice during a course, but what about after it?

Experience has shown that many practitioners - even ones who found everything simple during a course - can feel directionless in the weeks following it.

What they need is some guidance - a roadmap to help integrate Reiki into their lives.

That's where the Om Reiki Centre's 21-Day e-programmes can help.

Carefully structured, it builds bit-by-bit on all of the skills learnt in our courses, to help students consolidate and develop their newfound Reiki ability.

21-Day Reiki Course

Each day has both a programme to follow (with flexible times to allow for busy daily schedules) and some Reiki tips.

By reading the tips and following the programme (even for as little as two ten-minute sessions per day), students will find their ability to channel Reiki continually expands.

So enjoy our Reiki course, do the 21-Day e-programme and make Reiki a part of your life.

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Comments On Our Course:

"Had no idea what to expect , or what I thought I would get out of it. But could not believe how relevant it was just at this particular moment for me. I felt a tinge of fear at the time of the first attunement but that disappeared and I felt good in my own skin for the first time in ages.
 ...Very much what I was searching for at this moment."

(Kim Toogood, Melbourne)

"Exceeded my expecations. Reiki is such an effective self-help tool and the workshop was a very safe and comfortable place to be. Jeremy, you are a very easy person to be around which made learning that much more enjoyable."

(Helen Argyrou, Melbourne)

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