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Om Reiki Practice Group

Meet Like-Minded Reiki Healers. Learn New Healing Skills

Our practice group is perhaps the largest in Australia (we have over 1700 members in our Reiki Meetup group), and we have been meeting, healing and developing our Reiki healing skills for over ten years.

Our group is a place you can go to relax, be yourself, meet like-minded Reiki healers and learn innovative new Reiki techniques.

It is also a place you can got to discuss any issues or questions you have about your Reiki practice.

The Om Reiki Practice Group was founded by Reiki Master Jeremy O'Carroll, who still conducts most sessions today. He has studied under many Reiki Masters around the world, has personally trained over 200 Reiki Masters (and thousands of Reiki students) and is author of the Amazon best-selling book 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Class'.

Next Reiki Practice Night Jan. 22 in Fitzroy

This practice night, we will focus on connecting to our 'hara'. The hara (an energy centre just below the navel), is the key energy centre in classical Japanese Reiki, and the one place in the body where all of our energy channels (nadis) are said to flow through.

Connect to the hara to ground yourself. Connect to it to avoid being drained by needy friends and acquaintances. Connect to it to feel confident within yourself. Connect to it to gain a 'dose of calm' even when life gets messy.

A strong hara is also a critical energetic foundation for most of the advanced Reiki techniques in Reiki 2, Master level and beyond.

Think of it like a tree putting down deep roots. If you have a strong hara you can then connect to higher energy vibrations in a balanced way.

In short, if you want to get to the heart of Reiki, you need a strong hara.

By the end of the session, you will connect more strongly to your hara and better appreciate the emotional balance it can give you. You will also have more confidence connecting to it in a powerful way.

You can sign up for the class either via the Meetup website or directly by clicking here.

For more information on learning Reiki, visit our Reiki course homepage.

To find out about our Reiki healing sessions, visit our Reiki healing homepage.

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Learn to heal in a fun, detailed, structured and professional environment. Gain certification that is recognized by Australia's leading Reiki association.

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Next Reiki 2 course, Dec. 11 in Fitzroy North.

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Want to develop your practice and learn to teach Reiki? Try our unique Next Master level course June 11-13 in Fitzroy North.

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