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Reiki, Crystal & Chakra Retreat
8-9 July, Daylesford

Reiki Dawn

The Om Meditation & Reiki Retreat is for anyone who has already done Reiki 1, 2 or Master Level and is looking to increase chi and connect more fully to Reiki and meditation energy.

This year’s retreat focuses on the chakras and has five main goals:

  1. Give you an understanding of the 7 chakras and what they do. The chakras are our body's main energy centres. Understanding what each one does helps us to know exactly where we should be spending the majority of our healing time to maximize results.
  2. Help you connect to your 7 main chakras. Through a series of meditation and Reiki exercises, we will get you feeling and connecting to your chakras. Most people only have a theoretical 'experience' of the chakras. On the retreat you will 'meet' your chakras in a very concrete manner.
  3. Help you work on physical and emotional issues connected to the 7 chakras. After working out which chakra is connected to the issue(s) you would like to work on, we will equip you with an assortment of meditation and Reiki techniques to heal and strengthen that chakra, thus helping to restore you to emotional and physical balance.
  4. Increases your ability to connect to your body's energy system. Imagine the chakras like power stations, each one working with a different kind of energy. Learning to connect and tap into these 'power stations' will greatly enhance your ability to connect to and experience energy flow within your body. This is great both for both meditation and general vitality.
  5. Strengthen your Reiki healing by teaching you how to use the energy of the chakras to assist it. Since the chakras are the main energy centres in our body, it makes sense that tapping into them will give our healing a big boost. Using them in healing is actually very easy to do - once you know the method.

Crystals and Reiki

The 2017 Reiki retreat will also teach you how to use crystals to strengthen chakras and improve your Reiki. During the retreat, you will learn:

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Why Retreats Have an Advantage Over Normal Reiki and Meditation Courses

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In a lot of meditation and Reiki courses, participants have no previous energy work experience. As a result, it takes a little time to train them to connect to energy and after that, build it up enough to create a powerful group dynamic.

At a retreat things are easy, because everyone already has some energy work experience.

Everyone at the retreat will have done at least Reiki 1 (quite a few will probably even be Reiki Masters), so the group is starting at a high point to begin with. From there on, it is simply a question of amplifying this energy.

So if you understand the power of working in a group; if you understand the kind of powerful changes that occur from even a short period of exposure to a group with aligned energy, then you’ll recognize just how transformative a meditation and Reiki retreat like ours can be.

Why I Love Retreats

Each year I have the fortune to learn incredible things both from many great teachers and experience.

Although I am constantly revising and improving my Reiki courses, I am still – to an extent – restricted in what I teach. Levels 1, 2 & 3 all have certain fundamental things that must be taught, so there isn’t so much time for all the new great stuff I have been learning.

That is why I love retreats.

Retreats give me the chance to teach everything I have learned over the past year, to teach my most up-to-date and advanced techniques.

Retreats are also a fabulous chance to make amazing new friends – friends who are on a similar journey as you, friends who really get what you are aspiring towards.

Retreats are more personal than regular meditation and Reiki courses and they provide a greater opportunity to chat and mingle and really get to know the other participants.

At retreats, friendships are often made that can last a lifetime.

Retreats also give you a chance to get away from your daily routine, to unwind and fully immerse yourself in ‘spiritual energy’.

They are an opportunity to get away for an entire weekend, to travel to a beautiful, energy-charged environment, to reset the dial and begin afresh.

For many, retreats are a watershed moment – that moment when their life can redirect and start flowing down a path of greater alignment with the person they really are.

Often we get so caught up with making a living, with doing what needs to be done, that it can be hard to change – even when we want to make changes.

Sometimes all we need is something to interrupt our regular patterns for us to be able to take flight into a new direction.

Many people only change when Fate ‘hits them with a stick’, when their life gets so miserable that they are finally desperate enough to do what it takes to change.

But it doesn’t need to be like that.

We can be proactive.

We can change from a place of strength rather than despair.

Our retreats aim to cultivate the kind of energetically charged, inspirational environment that will help you make the changes you want to make without having to go through a period of suffering beforehand.

Better still, our retreats are always fun and full of laughter. Spirituality should be enjoyed and reveled in. It doesn’t need to be heavy and serious.

When you are passionate and living in alignment with your dreams and Higher Self then you will naturally do what’s best for you.

Being serious doesn’t give you the energy needed for change. Passion does. Exuberance does.

Those are the states of being we cultivate on our retreats.

Using special Reiki group activities, techniques and meditations, you will access new energy levels as you connect more deeply to your inner self.

The Venue

Held at our beautiful and energizing property by the side of the Wombat State Forest, the Om Reiki Centre in Daylesford is the ideal healing space to help you boost your energy levels, heal and unwind.

By taking you out of your usual environment, our tranquil centre makes it easy to let go of the rush of the city to regain emotional balance and health.

Retreat Instructor

Jeremy O'Carroll

Course Instructor
Jeremy O'Carroll

Our retreats are run by Jeremy O'Carroll, director and founder of the Om Reiki Centre.

Jeremy is an accredited Reiki Master Teacher with the ARC - Australia's leading Reiki association - and the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals.

Having studied traditional Japanese, Western and Shamballa Reiki to Master Level from some of the world's best known Reiki teachers in India, Thailand, Australia and the USA, Jeremy has a breadth of knowledge and understanding that is rare today.

Jeremy is also a meditator with over 20 years' experience and the creator of both CBM (Core / Body / Mind) Meditation and Thinking Meditation.

His extensive knowledge and experience translates to a retreat that will prove instructive, no matter your Reiki lineage, level or meditation experience.

His passion for meditation and Reiki, along with his desire to innovate, means you will be challenged to stretch the boundaries of what you believe Reiki and meditation can and cannot do. In the process, you will also stretch the boundaries of what you believe you can achieve in life.


Not everyone will need accommodation for the retreat, but for anyone who desires it we will be offering a twin share (same sex) rooms at the neigbouring Boomerang Holiday Ranch. Rooms are basic but clean, and the venue is in a beautiful rustic setting.

All rooms have shared bathrooms and come with breakfast.

Accommodation is free for Saturday the 8th of July for all participants who wish to take advantage of this offer.

if you wish to spend an additional night (Friday night) at the Ranch, you can chosing the 'Friday Night' accommodation offer below (for an additional $40).


All participants will also receive complimentary tea (mostly herbal), coffee (if they really need it!), filtered water, and nibbles.

Breakfast (hearty, but not necessarily refined) will be supplied by the Boomerang Holiday Ranch.

You will need to sort out your own lunch and dinner, but plenty of great options are available in town, just two minutes away.

Retreat Numbers

Om Reiki Retreats are kept relatively small (just 15 places). That way we can keep it personal while still having the numbers to create a powerful group dynamic.

As a result, early booking is a good idea if you don't wish to miss out.

Om Meditation and Reiki Retreat Dates

Date: July 8-9 Venue: Om Reiki Centre
10:00am - 6:00pm
10:00am - 6:00pm
Investment: $350 Melbourne Reiki Courses Enrloment Button
(Retreat Full - Contact us to be put on waiting list
2 monthly payments:
2 X $175
Melbourne Reiki Courses Enrloment Button
(Retreat Full)
Investment: $390 (Inc. Fri. night accommodation) Meditation and Reiki Retreat - 2 Payments
(Retreat Full)
2 monthly payments (Inc. Fri. night):
2 X $195
Meditation and Reiki Retreat - 2 Payments
(Retreat Full)

Also, if you wish to share a room with a friend or partner, please let us know by writing to Jeremy at

For more information, please contact the Om Reiki Centre.

Tel: 1300 853 356 Mob: 0417 328 457


For details of our upcoming Reiki courses, please visit our courses homepage.


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Level 2 Courses

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Why Retreats Work

There are many reasons why our retreats will be transformative. Three key reasons are as follows:


1. They will take you out of your everyday environment, thus helping to create the space needed to absorb new information and open up to change.

2. You will learn new techniques that will help you overcome typical areas where Reiki commonly struggles.

3. The number and intensity of the meditations and exercises will produce an energetic shift that will create positive change on an emotional, mental and energetic level.

Unsure about a Retreat?

If you are unsure whether our Reiki retreat is right for you, why not give us a call?

We'd love to discuss it in more detail and help you decide whether now is the right time to take one.

For more information, please call:
1300 853 356 or write to

Mountain Sheep

Contact Us

9:00am - 6:31pm, 7 days

Call: 1300 853 356

Mob: 0417 328 457

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