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If you're looking for a healing method that is fast to learn (try a single weekend!), easy to apply both to yourself and others, and fun, then Reiki is for you.

Our courses are ideal both for anyone who is looking to get started in the world energy work and healing, and for people who already practise other modalities.

Yoga, meditation, t'ai chi, shiatsu, kinesiology, massage - whatever you practice, you will find that Reiki helps take you to the next level by enabling you to connect more powerfully to energy ('chi' or in Japanese 'ki').

Reiki courses are also perfect for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, or other health issues.They will balance your energy, remove emotional blocks and help you stay more positive and upbeat.

Or if you are just stressed, a busy parent, or someone who needs a way to calm down and relax, Reiki can also help.

Our Melbourne, Sydney and Daylesford Reiki courses are all recognized by the ARC, Australia's leading Reiki association - which guarantees the standard of our teaching and means that it has a direct connection to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

"The course was fantastic! You provide a friendly, comfortable and most of all very informative course."

(Jenny McMillan)

Better still, the course instructor Jeremy O'Carroll has been trained by many world renowned teachers, both in Australia and many countries abroad, meaning that your course certificate will be recognised by almost all Reiki associations - even those outside Australia.

So if you suffer from blocked energy, are still hurting from an unresolved emotional issue, physical injury or illness, then consider contacting us to learn more.

Our courses have a unique satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not totally happy with the tuition you receive, we will refund your entire course investment.

Our Melbourne reiki and Daylesford Reiki courses have helped hundreds of people regain their emotional balance, health, energy and zest for life.

They are ideal for anyone who has been looking for a simple, practical and inexpensive way to achieve better results in all areas of life.

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Why Reiki Boosts Energy

Do you ever wonder why you don't have the energy you once did? Do you see children brimming with zip and bounce and simply resign yourself to never feeling the same way again?

Reiki Clouds

If you do, you shouldn't.

The reason you need not worry is that your lack of energy is almost certainly just the result of energetic circuits in your body being run down.

Think of a car going for twenty, thirty, forty and more years without a service. It is unlikely to be running too well. Same thing with the body.

Stress, fear, anger - all sorts of negative emotions - accumulate and, with time, can cause either energy blockages or zones in body that are energetically depleted.

That is why Reiki can help.

Reiki re-balances the energy circuits in the body so that you feel as though you have been 'oiled on the inside'.

After a Reiki session or course, the energy inside you usually just seems to 'flow better'. As a result you get back your zip and bounce.

To find out more about what Reiki is, or to read about several medical studies that highlight its benefits, see Reiki Facts. Or, if you are interested either a healing session or one of our energy tune-ups, just click on the link.

Reiki for Massage and Other Alternative Health Therapies

Reiki is a great tool for improving any current healing system you practice. Our Reiki Melbourne courses are full of massage therapists, yoga, T'ai chi, Shiatsu and many other types of practitioners and instructors.

These practitioners and therapists typically report that they experience greatly enhanced results, ranging from increased energy flow to greater healing benefits and client satisfaction.

Many massage therapists, for instance, say that their clients immediately notice a difference in the quality of their massage - even when they aren't consciously using the Reiki.

Their massage sessions work on a deeper level, helping clients to relax more while soothing any stress and bodily tension.

Learning Reiki also improves massage therapists' intuition, enabling them to more quickly pinpoint areas of the body that need attention.

Better still, once massage therapists learn Reiki, they can then include a short session at the end of their massage treatment. This is almost always a blissful experience, something that greatly improves the effectiveness of a massage session.

To learn more about how our Reiki Melbourne and Daylesford Reiki courses can improve your massage, yoga and other healing work, click here.

Weekly Article: The Myth of the 'Special' Healer

Visit a psychic, speak to a guru, venture into the world of spiritual communities, and you’ll often hear a myth.  It is a myth that saps confidence. A myth that ruins potential. A myth that destroys many a healing career before it can even get started.

It is the myth that says you need to be ‘special to be a healer, a myth that has – albeit indirectly – insinuated itself into much of the modern-day spiritual landscape.

Yes, go for a tarot reading, and they will whisper confidentially into your ear that – unlike others – you are a ‘born’ healer.

Meet a man on the outskirts of Kathmandu, and he will tell you that you have ‘healing hands’.

Massage your best friend’s back, and she will cry out that you have a ‘gift’.

No doubt this is all true. No doubt – in many ways – it is even positive. But it also subtly spreads a lie, a lie that will ultimately cause many sensitive souls around the world to abandon the healing path before they ever truly begin it.

We Are All Healers

The truth, of course, is that we are all healers. It is not only the select few who can heal, but everyone.

It is a natural ability that humans possess, like the ability to think, walk and breathe. The only difference is that in some people this ability awakens all on its own, while in others, a bit of help is required for it to flourish.

If you are reading this article and haven't yet studied any healing system, there is a good chance you have felt energy – or chi – flowing through your hands or body from time to time. Maybe you have even learned to tap into it at will when wishing to give another person healing energy.

But even if you haven't had this experience, you have undoubtedly still used your healing abilities to a lesser degree. You have put your arms around someone in need of comfort. You have placed your hands on your body when it flares up in pain. You have lifted your hands to your temples when you are thinking and need a mental boost.

Sure, you might not yet be channeling a torrent of healing energy, but you have soothed yourself and others with your healing touch, and that is a clear sign you have natural healing ability. The challenge, now, is simply to awaken this ability to its fullest potential.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, then take it from me. I have worked full-time in healing for over ten years, have trained thousands of people in the art of healing, and am yet to find a single person who hasn't demonstrated the ability to heal.

So believe me when I tell you that you don't need to be special to learn to heal. So long as you have the gift of consciousness, then no matter what anyone tells you, you can become a healer.

You are made from the same flesh and blood as other healers. You have the same basic ‘machinery’ as other healers. You simply need to believe in yourself, practice and, sooner or later, your natural healing gifts will spring forth.

Do You Need to Take a Course in Healing?

No one ‘needs’ to take a course in healing. Since healing is an innate gift, you have the potential to do it without help from anyone else.

But even though it isn't necessary to take a course, learning from a good teacher will greatly accelerate your healing progress.

A good teacher is like a guide with a map – a map that will save you years of guesswork and struggle.

Because even though you can navigate your way through the ‘healing terrain’ alone, doing so is often painful and slow. But with a guide by your side, you can learn from other people's experience and, as a result, avoid the many ups and downs of trial and error.

So unless you get a perverse thrill from needless struggle and effort, it makes sense to stand on the backs of others. Because why reinvent the wheel when that only slows you down?

No, better to be smart and learn from those who understand the road you are travelling.

Discover what they know and do. Fine-tune it. Add your personal touch to it. And then, with time and practice, create something that is both unique and special – something that would have taken you far longer to come up with on your own.


If you feel an inner calling to become a healer, don't let fears and doubts put you off.

Because everybody is a born healer, and you don't need any special gifts. Sure, some people might pick things up more quickly than others, but even if at first you don't have their healing sensitivity, you have their innate talent. So persist, keep trying, and nothing can stop you.

You are a healer, and no words or lies can ever change that truth.

(Article copyright, Jeremy O'Carroll)

Note: If you liked this article and know someone who would benefit from it, please share the link to it :)

If you have any questions about any of our courses, just contact us on 1300 853 356 (Mob: 0417 328 457) or 

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Reiki Melbourne Practice Nights

Melbourne reki sunset

If you have already taken Reiki Level 1 or highter, or are interested in experiencing Reiki first hand, you are welcome to attend our Om Reiki Practice nights.

These nights are always a big success and give you the opportunity to go more deeply into your Reiki practice and be inspired by others.

Om practice evenings give you the opportunity to:

  • Ask Reiki Questions
  • Practice group healing
  • Share ideas and information with other experienced practitioners

The next Reiki practice night has not yet been scheduled, but will take place at 597 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North, To find out more, click here.

Cost: $10

For more information, please contact the Om Reiki Centre.


Reiki calms the mind like a sunset over a sea

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Level 1 Courses

Learn to heal in a fun, detailed, structured and professional environment. Gain certification that is recognized by Australia's leading Reiki association.

Next Melbourne course, Feb. 22-23.

Chi Masterclass

Learn to connect to your body's key energy centres.

Discover how to tap in to your energy field.

Delight in a simple method that lets you flow with your thoughts rather than fight them.

Learn more about our Feb. 29-March 1 Meditation course by clicking here.

Daylesford Reiki Retreat

This is retreat is for all Reiki practitioners who wish to rejuvenate, heal, learn new skills and make lifelong friends. Daylesford, June 13-14. (2020).

Daylesford Courses

Like to learn innovative, accredited Reiki in beautiful surroundings? Immerse yourself in healing energy for the weekend and try our May 2-3 course with free accommodation.

Click here to find out more.

Level 1 & 2 Pellowah Course

Pellowah operates at an extremely high energetic vibration and is the perfect addition to Reiki.

Working on the level of mind and spirit, Pellowah relaxes the body and helps restore optimum health.

Click here to find out more about Melbourne Pellowah Centre's March 14-15, Fitzroy North Course.

Praise for Jeremy's Reiki Courses:

"Jeremy provided an open and warm atmosphere and the course encompassed a perfect mix of theory vs practical experience. Jeremy's enthusiasm, knowledge and sense of humour made it all the more enjoyable. I loved every second of the course and now I have the 21 day e-course to guide me through my next three weeks. I couldn't ask for more."

(Olivia Zan)

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