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2017 Reiki and Pellowah Calendar

Date Venue Event
Jan. 7-8 Fitzroy North Reiki 1
Jan 28-29 Fitzroy North Pellowah
Feb. 4-5 Fitzroy North Reiki 2
Feb. 11-12 Fitzroy North Reiki 1 (Lee Luu)
Feb 25-26 Daylesford Reiki 1
March 11-13 Fitzroy North Reiki Master Level
March 18-19 Fitzroy North Reiki 1 (Lee Luu)
March 25-26 Fitzroy North Pellowah
April 1-2 Fitzroy North Reiki 2
April 22-23 Fitzroy North Reiki 1
April 29-30 Fitzroy North CBM
May 6-7 Fitzroy North Pellowah
May 12-14 Daylesford Reiki 1
May 27-28 Fitzroy North Reiki 1 (Lee Luu)
June 3-4 Fitzroy North Reiki 2
June 10-12 Fitzroy North Master Level
July 1-2 Fitzroy North Reiki 1 (Lee Luu)
July 1-2 Daylesford Pellowah
July 8-9 Daylesford Reiki Retreat
July 29-30 Daylesford Reiki 1
Aug. 5-6 Fitzroy North Reiki 2
Aug. 12-13 Fitzroy North Reiki 1
Aug. 19-20 Fitzroy North Pellowah
Sept. 9-10 Fitzroy North Reiki 1
Sept. 16-17 Daylesford Reiki 2
Oct. 14-15 Fitzroy North Reiki 1 (Lee Luu)
Oct. 21-22 Fitzroy North Pellowah
Nov. 4-6 Fitzroy North Master Level
Nov. 11-12 Fitzroy North Reiki 1
Nov. 18-19 Fitzroy North Reiki 2
Nov. 25-26 Daylesford Reiki 1
Dec. 2-3 Fitzroy North Pellowah
Dec. 9-10 Fitzroy North Reiki 1


The Eyrie Seminar Room, 597 Brunswick Street (Fitzroy Community School), Fitzroy North, Victoria 3068.

Om Reiki Centre, 22 Tipperary Springs Road, Daylesford 3460.

Tel: 1300 853 356 / 0417 328 457

Web: /

Course Trainer: Jeremy O’Carroll unless indicated (i.e. Lee Luu)

To download a PDF of the Reiki Calendar, click here.

For more info on our level 1 courses, click here.

For more info on our level 2 Reiki courses, click here.

For more info on our Reiki Master Level courses, click here.

For more info on our Pellowah courses, click here.

For more info on our Reiki retreat, click here.

For more info on our CBM Meditation course, click here.

2017 Calendar

Click here to download the Om Reiki and Pellowah 2017 Calendar as a convenient PDF flyer.

Level 1 Courses

Learn to heal in a fun, detailed, structured and professional environment. Gain certification that is recognized by Australia's leading Reiki association.

Next Melbourne course, Dec. 9-10.

Level 2 Courses

Take the next step, learn powerful new skills, and get the qualification needed to work as a Reiki practitioner.

Next Reiki 2 course, Dec. 11 in Fitzroy North.

Master Level

Want to develop your practice and learn to teach Reiki? Try our unique Daylesford Master level course (June 9-11).

Level 1 & 2 Pellowah Course

Pellowah operates at an extremely high energetic vibration and is the perfect addition to Reiki.

Working on the level of mind and spirit, Pellowah relaxes the body and helps restore optimum health.

Click here to find out more about Melbourne Pellowah Centre's July 14-15, Fitzroy North Course.

Mastering Your Chakras

Learn to connect to your body's key energy centres.

Delight in greater energy and wellbeing.

Learn more about our Sept. 4 course by clicking here.

Reiki Chakra Retreat

Relax and energize in beautiful Daylesford. Explore your chakras and go deeper into your Reiki. Learn new skills and make lifelong friends. Try our 2017 July 8-9 Reiki and meditation chakra retreat.

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